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Kokomo Soccer Club

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the season dates for the spring 2016 season?

The target season dates for the spring 2016 season are April 15th through June 11th.

When can I expect to hear from my coach and when will practices begin for the spring 2016 season?

Coaches should receive their team rosters in late March.   You should hear from your coach during the first part of April.

On what days will games be played?

Specific days will not be finalized until the end of the regular registration period.    Historically games have been played on Thursday evenings for the U6, U8, and U10 divisions,  For the U12 and U15 divisions, games have been played on Friday evenings.   All divisions will have games on Saturday mornings through early afternoon. Games in some divisions may last until 2:00 or 3:00 pm.


What are the seasons for Recreational soccer and how often do I register?

Kokomo Soccer Club has fall and spring soccer seasons. Kokomo Soccer Club delegates the “official” start and end date of each season. Typically, the fall season lasts from Mid-August to Mid-October and the spring season begins mid-April and lasts until mid-June. Registration periods for the fall season will begin in May and last through most of June.   Registration for the spring season will begin in January and last through most of February.  Players who register for the fall, will typically remain on their same team for the following spring season. New teams are formed for all teams each fall season.

What determines the correct age group for my child?

Age group determination is based on the player's age as of August 1st for the then current season, with the season running fall to spring. For example, four and five year old children (as of August 1st) play in the Under 6 division (U6) and six and seven year old children (as of August 1st) play in the Under 8 (U8) division.

What age divisions are offered in the KSC recreation league?

The KSC recreation age divisions are: U6, U8, U10, U12, and U15

When can my child begin playing recreational soccer?

Players must be 4  as of August 1st to participate in the fall league.  Players that turn 4 before April 1st can register for the spring season, but the league recommends that they wait until the following fall season.

Are Recreation teams Co-Ed?

Yes, Each team will have both boys and girls.

How will I find out what team I am on?

All team assignments are made after the regular registration period and are finalized  before teams are released to coaches during the season beginning coaches' meeting.  Your coach will then contact you after their coaches' meeting concerning team details. The coaches’ meeting typically occurs in late July for the fall season and late March for the spring season.

Can I be placed on a team with my friends?

KSC allows players to request to play with ONE “buddy” as long as both players request each other, are in the same division, and teams can be balanced.  Please carefully review the Buddy request on the registration form for additional limitations.  

Why can’t I choose to play on the same team with all my friends?

Unfortunately, when whole teams are grouped together by coaches or participants, the teams can become unbalanced--which isn’t much fun and defeats the purpose of our recreational program. One of the benefits of recreational soccer is making new friends, experiencing new coaches, and new techniques.

What are the times and days of practices?

Head coaches will determine the best days and times for their teams to meet for practice sessions.

How many practices will there be?

Coaches will set their own practice schedules.   Commonly the younger players will have 1 to 2 practices per week and older players will commonly have 2 practices per week.   Practices will usually increase in duration as the players advance through the different age divisions.

Do I get to keep my uniform?

Yes. A uniform kit (jersey, shorts, & socks) is included in your registration fees.   All players receive new uniforms for the fall season.   Two season players will use this uniform for both the fall and spring seasons.

How will I receive my uniform?

Your uniform will be distributed to you through your coach.

What else do I need?

For practices you should have your own soccer ball in the appropriate size (size 3 for U6 through U8, Size 4 for U10 though U12, and size 5 for U15).  Shin guards are mandatory. Players without shin guards may not practice or play in games.   Soccer cleats are highly recommended, but tennis shoes can be worn.   Cleats for other sports cannot be worn unless the front toe cleat is removed.  Metal spikes are not allowed.  Players should always bring water to each practice and game.

Can I wear jewelry?

No jewelry of any kind is permitted. Earrings must be removed prior to the start of any practice or game; they cannot be taped over.  Wristbands or bracelets cannot be worn unless it is a medic alert bracelet in which case it must be taped to the skin.

Can I wear items in my hair?

You may not have any metal clips or hard plastic items in your hair.   You may have cloth hair gatherings (scrunchys, bands).    You may also wear hair ribbons.   Head bands are allowed, but must remain at the hair line and cannot be lowered to the neck.  The referee of the match has the final say as to what can and cannot be worn in the hair

How many players are on the field?

The recreation league follows Indiana Youth Soccer small-sided game recommendations on proportionally small fields that correspond to the number of players on the field.

U6 – 3v3

U8 – 4v4

U10 - 6v6

U12 – 8 v 8

U15 – 11 v 11

Will my child have an end of season “tournament”?

Only Kokomo Soccer Club or NYO teams in the U10 & U12 age groups will participate in the Kokomo Soccer Club end of season tournament.  

Do the players receive trophies or medals?

First place trophies and runner up medals will be awarded to the participants in the Championship game at the end of season tournament for each age group (U10, U12).

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

How can I help?

There are many ways for parents to help. The most important way to help is for you to be supportive of your child, the coach of your team, the referees, and Kokomo Soccer Club as a whole.   Our greatest need is volunteer coaches.  Every season we are in need of more coaches and assistants.  This is a fun and rewarding experience that requires time, but can have a significant impact on the lives of a number of children. We require all of coaches to undergo a background check.  If you want to be involved, but do not wish to coach, consider becoming a referee. Other volunteer needs are concession stand workers as well as those who paint lines on the fields and empty trash cans. You can volunteer for field setup and tear down days that occur once per season.

If you are interested in helping as a coach, referee, or have a special skill, please contact the Recreation League director who is shown on the contacts page of the Kokomo Soccer Club website.

How do I volunteer to work in the concession stand?

Enter URL  in your internet browser, review the available dates and select the one that works best for you.   If you have any questions about the system, contact the volunteer coordinator shown on the contacts page of the recreation league website.