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Kokomo Soccer Club


The Kokomo Soccer Club uses small sided games for recreation soccer matches. By using smaller fields and smaller team sizes, players have more opportunities to contribute during each soccer match. Click here to view the match specific details for each of our recreation soccer divisions.

Team Formation

  • Teams will be coed.
  • Age cutoff will be July 31. See the Age Chart to determine which division the player will be placed. Click here for age chart.
  • Teams will be formed with the goal of balanced teams. Rankings are supplied by coaches. In absence of rankings, players will be allocated by age & gender.
  • Children of the head coach and assistant coach will be placed on the same team. No other requests will be honored for team rosters.
  • For U6, U8, and U15 divisions, scores will be recorded, but no standings will be maintained.
  • For the U10 and U12 divisions, standings will be maintained in order to establish seeds for a year end tournament. The teams will play a single elimination tournament and the first and second place teams will receive trophies. Only KSC recreational teams will play in the tournament. 

Gear For Players

  • No jewelry is allowed during games or practices. This includes watches, earrings, and necklaces. Medical bracelets are allowed but must not be a danger to the player or other players.
  • Shinguards must be worn underneath socks for all games or practices.
  • Shoes or soccer cleats must be worn. Football cleats are not acceptable unless the front, toe cleat is removed.
  • Casts are permitted for the recreation league. They must be covered and padded in such a way so not to endanger other players. It is at the discretion of the referee to determine if the protection of the cast is acceptable. 



  • In the U6 and U8 divisions, there are no referees assigned for matches. The head coaches are responsible for whistling infractions.
  • For the U10 division and higher, the Kokomo Soccer Club will assign referees for matches.  
  • Referees are encouraged to pursue USSF certifications, all referees must be certified or attend league provided training.
  • If trained referees are unavailable, club linesmen may be used for U12 and U15 matches.


All visitors to the Kokomo Soccer Club are expected to abide to Code of Conduct below.

  • Youth soccer should be a fun experience for all players. Encourage our players with positive comments and continuous support.
  • All spectators are to sit on the opposite side of the field from players and coaches during soccer matches. Lines will be painted along the touchline and all spectators are to remain behind the line for safety of players, referees, and spectators. No one is to be behind goals.
  • Spectators are to remain off the playing field unless asked by the coach to attend to an injured player.
  • Spectators are to be respectful of players, coaches, referees and other volunteers during matches at the Kokomo Soccer Club. If behavior is inappropriate, individuals will be asked to leave the property by coaches, referees, or Kokomo Soccer Club league officials.
  • No dogs are permitted on the Kokomo Soccer Club fields. Persons with service animals are exempt.
  • No smoking is permitted at the Kokomo Soccer Club fields.
  • Adults should be good role models for children. Good sportsmanship should be exhibited by all players, coaches, referees, and spectators.