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Jan, 2015

Wildcat Creek Soccer Complex

On Tuesday, October 25, 2011, Mayor of Kokomo, Greg Goodnight, announced that the location once known as the Continental Steel Lagoon Site would soon become the new home of the Kokomo Soccer Club. Both the EPA and IDEM partnered with City of Kokomo and the club to prepare the cleaned up site by putting in a special “tuff turf” grass seed. Unfortunately, the grass just would not grow.  After 80 years grass free, the stubborn land was not going to cooperate with all of the Parks and Recreation group’s hard work. 

Finally, in the fall of 2014, the city gave up on the grass and decided to bring in the experts to put in 8 sod fields for us.  Turfdogs of Indianapolis have been working hard ever since skiving the ground and putting down sod strips in an attempt to get KSC up and running by spring 2015. We are still hopeful to play at the new fields in the upcoming spring season, but we will not know for sure until we assess the land after the winter.  

The remediation site, which is located at 1501 W. Markland Avenue, was given the name Wildcat Creek Soccer Complex (WCSC) by the KSC board.  We have since nick-named the complex “Renegade Valley” in hopes that our teams will bring their inner warrior to the games. Once completed, the new club will be perfectly located along the Wildcat Creek and provide not only a functional place for us to play soccer, but also a scenic setting for the community. The city plans to put in a 1.25 mile walking path around and through the facility which will provide a great opportunity for parents to exercise and enjoy the club community while their kids practice. The Complex, which consists of 60 acres, will accommodate up to 30 fields and 400+ parking spaces. The club will be able to do so much with all of the extra space, especially in the spring when we have the High School teams as well. Not only will we be able to have practice fields and specially protected playing fields, we will have the ability to schedule tournaments at WCSC which will generate revenue for both the club and the community.  We have a vision for the future of this club, and this land is just the first step. We have lots of work to do to get ready for league play on the facility, and we will need the help of many volunteers.  Anyone who is interested in field work, facility building, or event planning, can contact President Amy Pitzer at or Field Manager Randy Teachout at